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How to Reduce Taxes for Investors & Crypto Investors_10

Crypto investors have faced growing pressure from governments and tax authorities of different countries quite recently, but it is already obvious that adaptation to the conditions of confrontation between crypto market participants and the authorities is an inevitable fact of "coexistence" of the parties.

The number of crypto-friendly countries is small, and in this regard, in order to ensure the long-term viability of crypto investments, the investor is forced to think about obtaining a residence or a second passport. But from thinking to taking action is often a distance of months. And the very implementation of the procedure for obtaining new documents takes a lot of time, especially now - under conditions of travel restrictions.

Alas, when the very fact of participation in the crypto business can cause problems in the country of residence, there is nothing left but to look for a new haven. Someone (in this regard) is impressed by Montenegro, someone decided to move to Georgia, someone will fix their eyes on Ireland ... The choice of a country is extremely important, but it is impossible without a detailed discussion of the specific situation. Now about something else.

Developing a strategy, as a result of which you can leave the host country and actually cease to be its tax resident, will allow you to receive much more advantages than organising a business structure abroad. Moreover, you have the right to transfer a business structure to one country, but move yourself to another jurisdiction ...

Instead of a resume. If you are a serious crypto investor, you should have a moving strategy that you can always keep in your back pocket, if not even activated yet, but which you are actively working on and which can be used as soon as possible and at any time.

Only such an approach can provide you with a decent level of freedom if the country where you are at present ceases to suit you.

PS. In modern conditions, the above approach is valid for any entrepreneur, regardless of his affiliation to the crypto business.

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