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Since the 19th century, virtually every Swiss canton has been willing to negotiate with foreigners an annual lump sum tax payment. In essence, the procedure always looks like this:

- the applicant discloses his assets / expenses (personal and family),

- the authorities are determined with an interest in this person,

- the authorities announce the tax amount and, if mutual agreement is reached, a deal is concluded.

Currently, only a few "German-speaking" cantons do not support a one-time tax.

By the way, the tax is intended for those who are not going to engage in income-generating activities in Switzerland. Payers are allowed to manage their private capital, but otherwise will have to rely on their own savings and investments abroad.

The payer must have domiciled status in Switzerland and at the same time can use the lump-sum system for an unlimited number of years.

The minimum tax amount depends on the canton and starts from 250,000 CHF (~ 230,000 EUR) for third-country nationals.

When a few years ago Italy decided to join the flat-tax regime, the authorities set one main task: how to attract especially wealthy citizens to Italy.

Alas, despite the fact that the amount of tax was fixed at 100,000 EUR for the main applicant and 25,000 EUR for each family member, there was no large flow of applicants in Italy. The regime can be used for 15 years from the date of obtaining the status of a tax resident in Italy. In this case, income in Italy is subject to taxation as usual.

To obtain the status of a tax resident, as a rule, an investor visa is used: investing in a company (from EUR 500,000) or in Start_up (from EUR 250,000).

Even more favourable conditions in terms of taxation are offered in Gibraltar. Category 2 status (for individuals with assets of at least GBP 2 million) allows you to limit tax liabilities to 80,000 GBP (~ 93,000 EUR) of worldwide income. This means that an individual will pay ~ 29,000 GBP (~ 34,000 EUR) in tax per year.

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