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How to reduce taxes

How to Reduce Taxes for Investors & Crypto Investors_3

The list of countries with zero taxes is by no means limited to the Principality of Monaco or the Republic of Vanuatu. Bermuda, Cayman Islands are world famous seaside resorts that open the door to a tax-free paradise.

To become a resident in Bermuda, it is enough to issue a "Work from Bermuda Certificate" - an affordable long-term visa that allows you to live on the islands for a year and work remotely.

Bermuda was one of the first in the world to introduce a legal and regulatory regime for the management of digital assets, the so-called Digital Asset Business Act, which determined the activities related to digital assets, licensing requirements for persons engaged in this type of activity, established the criteria for obtaining a license ...

Bermuda does not levy taxes on income, capital gains, withholding taxes, VAT, as well as taxes on digital assets or any transactions related to them. Tax-exempt companies doing business with digital assets, including ICO issuers, can apply for and receive confirmation from the Minister of Finance that if Bermuda passes a law introducing a tax on profits, income, capital stock or capital gains, then the specified taxes will not apply to such a company or to any of its operations.

The Cayman Islands offers to take advantage of the "Global Citizen Concierge Program" and obtain a long-term 2-year Digital Nomad visa.

For real estate investors in the Caymans, there is a Residency by Investment Program (investments of 1.2 or 2.4 million USD. Living on the islands - 30 days a year. The second option allows you to apply for a UK passport after 6 years).

The Cayman Islands authorities do not levy taxes on income, inheritance, gifts, capital gains, corporate taxes, withholding taxes, VAT or the like, including with respect to the issuance, ownership or transfer of digital assets.

Legal entities established or registered in the Cayman Islands can apply and, upon payment of the fee, receive a tax exemption certificate valid for 20 to 50 years.

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