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Germany (business-immigration)



Residence permit for self-employed persons, highly qualified specialists and their family members:

  • registration of a new & acquisition of a “ready-made company” with subsequent obtaining of a work permit and residence permit. The following options are possible:
  1. registration of a residence permit for self-employed persons,
  2. EU Blue Card design for highly qualified professionals.
  • status of permanent residence after 5 years (certificate of knowledge of the B1 language),
  • citizenship after 10 years (certificate B2).


Conditions for obtaining a residence permit:

  • sufficient financial resources,
  • housing in Germany (long term rental or property),
  • medical insurance,
  • no threat to public order and security.


Residence permit for self-employed persons.

The following conditions are required:

  1. commercial interest or regional demand for goods or services offered,
  2. having a positive impact on the economy,
  3. financial security through equity or credit commitments,
  4. if the applicant's age exceeds 45 years old - additional guarantees of the availability of adequate resources for living upon reaching the retirement age,
  5. the maximum period for which a residence permit is issued is 3 years. Subsequent renewal is also possible for 3 years.

Whether the applicant meets the requirements of 1, 2, 3, (paragraph above) is determined by the following criteria:

  1. business idea vitality,
  2. applicant’s business experience,
  3. the amount of the initial investment,
  4. implications of the implementation of business ideas for employment and education,
  5. contribution to innovation and research (development).

Members of families with residence permit holders for self-employed persons receive a residence permit with the right to work without confirmation of the German language before entry.


EU Blue Card for highly qualified professionals.

The following conditions are required:

  1. higher education received in Germany, recognized as a foreign or comparable by the level of a foreign higher education institution,
  2. employment contract or binding job offer by the employer,
  3. annual gross income in the amount of not less than 52 thousand euro. A lower income threshold of 40 thousand 560 euro is set for applicants scientists, mathematicians, engineers, as well as doctors and specialists in the field of information technology,
  4. the maximum initial term of a residence permit is 4 years. If the employment contract is concluded for a period of less than 4 years, the residence permit is issued for the term, validity of the employment contract, plus three months.

EU Blue Card holders can qualify for permanent residency status after 33 months, and those who have confirmed their knowledge of the B1 level - 21 months after receiving the card.

Members of families with EU Blue Card holders get a residence permit with the right to work without confirmation of knowledge of German before entry.

EU Blue Card holders and their family members can easily enter another EU country and apply for an EU Blue Card for a month, as well as stay outside the EU for up to 12 consecutive months without losing their status.


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